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Stephen Adamson

Dana White is tired of taking the high road with Twitter trolls. Because of this, he's decided he needed to make a statement, and he did so on 'The Seth Davis Show' recently.

“I’m in the fight business. People ask me that all the time. ‘Take the high road.’ Nah. The high road isn’t fun. The low road is fun. That’s me. I’m the low-road guy.”

Dealing with "idiots", as he calls them, on Twitter is something he has to do on a daily basis. Apparently he kind of has fun with it, though.

“My thing with Twitter and social media is you can’t just go on and say stupid stuff to people unless you want some stupid stuff back. I’m that guy.”

Talking shit is a big part of MMA, and there's no exception for the president of the promotion either!

(Via: MMAJunkie)


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