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Ronda Rousey has proven capable enough to fight her own battles, but she still has her sisters to watch her back. In the case of Internet haters, she probably doesn't even need her sister Maria Burns Ortiz's help, but her sis had some words for those keyboard combatants out there regardless.

She had the following to say in a Vice Sports personal essay:

"Occasionally I wonder how people could say such awful things about someone they don't even know, someone they've never met. I attribute it to the fact that their mothers probably didn't love them enough, and then I briefly curse out the part of the Internet that allows people to hide behind anonymity as they let out the worst parts of themselves. Sometimes, all you can do is think, 'What the f*ck is wrong with you people?'"

There's nothing groundbreaking about saying people on the Internet can be mean, but when it comes from personal experience it hits home. Burns Ortiz hasn't read any of the messed up things that have been said online about her sister, and in fact she hasn't even watched the Holly Holm fight.

"I don't see a point in reliving the moment when a part of my loved one died, when I saw someone I cared about have her soul crushed. I saw how horrible people can be to someone they don't even know, which made me even more appreciative when I saw how wonderfully Ronda's friends and family treated her. Those are the people that matter."

She ended it with one final comment:

"I hear that people say insensitive, hateful, disgusting things about my sister and my mother €”and I don't try to make sense of it, because you can't. There's something very strange, though, when the world seems to think they know someone this idea that society suddenly owns a right to build someone up or tear them down because they are a public figure. To watch that happen to someone you love is enough to drive you insane €”unless you tune it out, which I do."



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