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Stephen Adamson

If, for some reason, you were worried that Conor McGregor didn't have a good Christmas, I'm here to alleviate your concern. All it took was a glance at his Twitter page to realize how legendary his vacation from fighting in the UFC has been.

I mean, the man was with his beautiful lady celebrating (as he calls it, via Twitter hashtag) #ChristmasAtHome

Life is good for McGregor right now

He has fly cars to get him from Point A to Point B

His suit-game remains strong... as always

He got a bazooka

And gave his girlfriend a $44,000 watch

Oh, and there was this...

I'm already pretty afraid of this man, but Conor McGregor coming at me with an uzi or a Colt .45 would scare me tremendously.

(Via: Twitter)

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