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People really want to find out as much as they possibly can about Ronda Rousey. So much so that she was recently included in the top 3 most Google searched celebrities, period, for 2015.

This means that, even outside of the MMA world, Rousey has some serious star power and celebrity status. She joined the likes of Caitlyn Jenner, Donald Trump and Charlie Sheen on the list which is incredibly impressive given that those are three highly trending people from the year.

Before she was knocked out at UFC 193 by Holly Holm, the Olympic bronze medalist was truly everywhere. She had sponsorship deals, was featured in multiple Hollywood movies, and was recently announced as the cover fighter for EA Sports UFC 2. She was also listed as one of the highest-paid female athletes in the world by Forbes.

Here's the top 10, in its entirety. As you'll see it's a pretty big-time list.

  • 1. Lamar Odom
  • 2. Caitlyn Jenner
  • 3. Ronda Rousey
  • 4. Donald Trump
  • 5. Ruby Rose
  • 6. Charlie Sheen
  • 7. Brian Williams
  • 8. Rachel Dolezal
  • 9. Adele
  • 10. Josh Duggar

But then this happened...

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