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Stephen Adamson

Wanderlei Silva vows to slap Anderson Silva in the face after his comments saying he would defeat Jesus in the Octagon. I think, to be fair, that he was baited a bit by TMZ when he said it, but Silva doesn't care.

"And this promotion, if they don’t give (Aldo) the immediate rematch, we will criticize them. How? Everybody saw it was an accident, this a--hole was lucky. And when I meet this guy, for everything he said about Jesus, I will slap this motherf--ker in the face. You can’t do that. You can’t play with our God. When I meet you, raise your hand because you’re getting slapped in the face, you punk."

Prepare to get slapped, Conor. I think a slap from Wanderlei would hurt pretty badly, too to be quite frank.



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