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Nova Uniao head coach Andre Pederneiras says that Jose Aldo was a little cocky going into his fight with Conor McGregor at UFC 194. Here's what he had to say to Combate about the whole thing...

"I wouldn’t say anxious. Maybe overconfident, because he was really well. He was so confident in the victory he (thought) ‘I’ll throw (my hand) and will catch him’. It’s a split-second decision. Or you attack, or you get out. He decided to attack, and the other guy threw a counter to defend. He attacked, but moving in a way to stop (Aldo’s) attack."

He even hinted at the fact that there might have been some luck involved, especially in McGregor catching Aldo in 13 seconds.

"How can you say a superchampion like Aldo made a wrong decision? If you analyze the fight, Aldo threw the first straight, a fake straight, and McGregor threw his punch and it wouldn’t land on Aldo’s chin, but on his head. But Aldo moves up, moves his chin up, and (the punch) lands on his chin. McGregor wanted to land on his head. And with Aldo moving up, McGregor can’t say he calculated to hit right there. He will say this, but it’s something hard to say, especially because if Aldo goes in and throws his punch, it wouldn’t have landed. However, he was happy. Let’s say it wasn’t a lucky punch, he programmed that, but the way it connected on his chin when he moved forward, I think it was lucky."

"Well, I disagree," Pederneiras said of the options for "The Notorious". "They don’t care if I agree or not, but here’s what I say: I can’t see Aldo not fighting for a belt or not in an immediate rematch. It wouldn’t be fair if that doesn’t happen, but happen to others. ‘There’s no immediate rematch for anyone’, cool, we know what the rule is. ‘(There’s rematch) because she’s blond and sells well’? I’ll dye Aldo’s hair. Right? I don’t see other scenario than a new fight, so we can really have a fight. In my head, what happened wasn’t a fight, just a punch that landed and ended it quickly."

He's looking forward to a potential rematch, though, and feels confident in his guy, Aldo.

"I think the ground would be a good option, but I don’t rule out a five-round, stand-up fight. Aldo has strong blows, he can really hurt the opponent. In this fight, he was confident both standing and on the ground, he’ll be fine."



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