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Royce Gracie is adamant that he has still "got it". He said that there was nobody really knocking on his door to get him to fight, which made the idea of fighting Ken Shamrock extremely enticing.

He explains to MMAjunkie,

"I played a little hard to get, but for sure I knew we had to do the third fight with Ken; there was no doubt. He still insisted on fighting me. I guess the guy cannot sleep for 22 years. He wanted a rematch after I choked him out and embarrassed him and made him tap. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t party. I live a very healthy lifestyle. I think the Royce today would have beat the Royce from 22 years ago. I don’t think it’s the same thing for him. I think the Ken Shamrock today would lose to the Ken Shamrock from 22 years ago.”

Good to see that old guys can still get down, and I truly believe this more subtle form of trash-talk is even more bad-ass than the straight up in-your-face stuff.

“I haven’t had any offers at all: zero,” Gracie said. “No one was knocking on my door. I was sitting there watching. I’m a fighter. I have a passion for it. It’s not a job or an obligation to go fight. I enjoy traveling, teaching and fighting. It’s in my blood. When Scott Coker first mentioned to me that Ken Shamrock wanted to fight I said, ‘Thank you.'”

While Gracie hasn't fought in a professional and official bout in years, at the age of 49 he still thinks he's got some skills.

“I’ve been out of fighting? It makes it sound like I’m sitting at home scratching my nuts doing nothing. I’ve been going to the range every day. My drawing is good and fast, I’m on target, I shoot and I don’t miss. It doesn’t mean I’ve been going to battle, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t practiced. It’s like a soldier that goes to the range every day and does everything for war. He shoots, he runs, everything is on good. He’s just not in battle. That’s my case. Now I’m going to go to battle. It doesn’t mean I’m fat or out of shape.”

Finally, he mentioned the amazing legacy of his family and how he is still fighting for them.

“I’m 100 percent representing Gracie jiu-jitsu. The jiu-jitsu my father created was for the smaller guy to beat the bigger guy. It’s not a question of if I’m going to lose; it’s how I’m going to win. That’s the style. There’s no way he can beat me. I don’t know about his motivation, but I think it’s because he cannot sleep for the last 22 years. The guy at 215, 220 pounds cannot beat somebody smaller than him at 180 pounds.”

(Via: MMAjunkie)


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