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After there was already a plan for 'The Last Emperor,' a.k.a. Fedor Emelianenko, to come out of retirement and face Jaideep Singh, and it seemed as if those rumors were going to be put to rest. Until now.

Fedor is going to fight Singh as planned at Rizin Fighting Federation 1 after all. Singh is an upstart 2-0 fighter with just those two MMA fights under his belt, while Emelianenko is a legend with a record of 34-4 with seemingly not as much to prove in this fight... other than whether he's still got it.

There were rumors that Emelianenko would fight in Bellator or the UFC, but he's chosen a slightly more obscure upstart in Rizin. Their first event will take place New Year’s Eve in Tokyo with Emelianenko in the main event. Bellator broadcast partner Spike has exclusive U.S. rights to the event.


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