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When your brother needs to know you got his back, you gotta let him know you got his back. And in the case of Ken Shamrock, after years of feuding, it appears his relationship with Frank is even better than ever before. So much so, in fact, that he'll be in his brother's corner for his fight with Royce Gracie at Bellator 149 on Feb. 19 in Houston.

The two brothers have had a rocky history that started together in foster care and had many tumultuous ups and downs along the way. However, it appears that while things aren't perfect, the two are on good terms.

Here's what Ken had to say:

"You gotta forgive and just gotta move forward. And work with what you've got. I think me and Frank have been doing that slowly. He's not fake; I'm not fake. So, it's not like we're gonna smile and hug each other and pretend like nothing ever happened, because it's not true. But what we will do is recognize that we need to move forward."

Ken will be doing his training camp in Dallas ext-UFC star and former Lion's Den compatriot Guy Mezger will be his head coach. Frank will not be helping out in the gym, since he's busy reviving the Shamrock Boys Ranch for at-risk kids in honor of their father. But Frank will definitely be working in conjunction with his brother again.

Take a look at how Frank described things to MMAFighting.

"I've always loved Ken and never really had an issue with him. It was kind of him with me. I'd like to think we've all grown and we're back to being a family again. There was a huge part of my life where he was my teacher and he was my guiding force for a long time. Then he just wasn't there. It was challenging. As a fighter and a student, he was the fighter I emulated. To lose that, it took a lot of searching and a lot of moving around until I was able to rebuild that guiding force again."

He too added,

"Now, it feels like it's kind of come full circle again. The fact that he's asked me to be in his corner and help him with strategy and stuff is just a huge honor to me, to be in a position in knowledge and helpfulness."

(Via: MMAFighting)


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