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Stephen Adamson

Conor McGregor talks a whole lot of shit, but apparently he may or may not have met his match in Nate Diaz. Simply put, this NSFW rant that he went on while being interviewed by Joe Rogan in the Octagon Saturday night in Orlando, Florida is one of the funniest ever.

He curses wildly, much to the dismay of Joe Rogan, so if you are at work you might want to be careful. Or at least use headphones...

Here's a rough version of what he said...

Conor McGregor, you’re taking everything I work for, motherf------r. I’m gonna fight your f------g ass. You know what the real fight—the real money fight—is: Me. Not these clowns that you already punked at the press conference. Don’t no one want to see that. You know you beat them already. That’s an easy fight. You want that real s--t? Right here. Hey, and another...

Needless to say, this fight might have to happen now. Unless McGregor laughs it off and counts his millions instead.

(Via: Bro Bible)


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