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Marshawn Lynch has been battling the "mental game" as Jay Glazer calls it after his sports hernia surgery that has sidelined him for a considerable amount of time this year. He's one of the NFL's elite running backs, and getting back on the field could very easily be daunting for one of the league's most physical players.

Enter MMA, a sport that may not be as "mainstream" as football, but that Lynch has employed to help him get over this mental hurdle as well as to get his body feeling right so he can return this year.

Tareq Azim, Jake Shields' long-time coach and trainer, is the man Lynch has tapped to help him recuperate. This is becoming a more and more common method for getting the body and mind right post-injury.

Justin Tuck and Marshawn Lynch recently sat down and talked MMA training on 'Inside MMA'...

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