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A lot of people thought Ronda Rousey was untouchable before Holly Holm knocked her out. But now the entire landscape of female MMA has changed. Cris 'Cyborg' Justino recently sat down with Yahoo! Sports and had this to say about her belief that she's the best female fighter.

“Do I still want to fight Ronda? Of course! However, if she wants to be the best she needs to beat the best, and that's me at my best, not a depleted mirror of myself - which is what she is hoping for by forcing me to 135.”

Cyborg said that she "owes it to her division" to defend her Invicta featherweight title and she also hasn't ruled out a Ronda fight, but she says she wants to have it on her terms.

“I hope [a fight with Rousey happens] for the fans. But if she was running from me before the loss, imagine how much faster she will be running from me now. I'm not chasing her anymore. After all, didn't she say ‘You come to the champ?’ I have been a world champion for 10 years!”

She's also thinking about a possible fight with Holly Holm, which I personally would love to see...

“I respect Holly because Holly is different than Ronda. Holly is a true fighter that wants to fight the best and because of that I believe she would fight me at 145 or meet me at 140.”

Cyborg is still interested in making her UFC debut, but there might be a lot of obstacles in the way of that. I guess we'll see over the coming weeks whether we can get a Cyborg fight with Holm and/or Ronda Rousey. I'm sure the fans would be down.

(Via: Yahoo)


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