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Ryan Matsunaga

Conor McGregor shattered one of the longest winning streaks in MMA history when he defeated Jose Aldo this past Saturday.

In the moments following the KO win, McGregor jumped atop the cage to celebrate his victory, right in the faces of Jose Aldo's coach and teammates.

Despite that brash display though, McGregor admits that his moment was tinged with just a hint of regret. After the fight, McGregor sought out Jose Aldo to speak with him.

"What I said was, 'Look we can go again.' Although it’s a nice feeling to get that knockout, it’s kind of not nice because you can see what’s happening around," he reportedly told the former champ.

He added:

You don’t want to see the only champion in the company’s history going out like that. I had a little moment where I felt sorry for Jose.
It’s been a long road, and I appreciate that he showed up here and made the journey. Because I have no doubt there were options to pull [out] like the last time. This time he stuck around. I just said we can do it again, but he was off in his own world, I believe. They are probably still resentful and bitter towards it. Like I said: Winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners.

At the post-fight press conference, McGregor commented on whether or not he wants a rematch to happen.

"That’s on him," he said. "That’s up to him what way he goes about his next step. I feel he could take a step back, re-center himself."

"It’s not the same when you sign to fight me. It’s a completely different pressure. He felt the pressure like he’d never felt before; that’s because he was facing me… I think Jose should go back, regroup, get back in line for a No. 1 contender spot and go from there."

“Jose has been a phenomenal champion. It would’ve been nice if the contest had of stretched out a little bit longer just for all that it’s been through, but I still feel the same process would’ve happened. Timing beats speed; precision beats power. That’s it. I respect Jose. I wish him well, but now we are on to the next chapter."


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