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Conor McGregor shocked the MMA world last weekend when he not only defeated former featherweight champ Jose Aldo, but also managed to do so in just 13 seconds.

In the days that followed the event, rumors began to circulate that Jose Aldo was not in his usual peak physical condition. The controversy began when UFC commentator Joe Rogan accidentally left his mic on during a private conversation. In the leaked audio, Rogan says that Jose Aldo looks "soft," "deflated," and "nervous."

On his podcast, Rogan later clarified his statements, strongly implying that Aldo's weaker physique was likely the result of him having to give up performance enhancing drugs:

They tried to test Aldo in camp, and Aldo's people had the cops pulled on these people, they wanted to get them kicked out of the country. They were trying to deport them out of the country.
Then when they finally did give them a urine sample, he tripped and spilled his piss. That's insane. I never tripped and spilled piss in my entire career, and I pissed in cups all the time.

Rogan's co-host and UFC fighter Brendan Schaub agreed, adding:

You’re batsh*t crazy if you don’t think Jose Aldo’s body looked different. You’re batsh*t crazy if you think he’s gonna fight the same... His camp, I think, is 1-7, 0-8 since this drug testing came out. So you’re talking about a different fighter man.

Aldo's manager and coach Andre Pederneiras soon fired back, posting comparison photos on Twitter:

In English, his tweet reads, "To the clown that thinks Aldo was on something and isn't anymore, draw your own conclusions."

Earlier today, Rogan posted an apology to Aldo's camp on Instagram, although it's worth noting that he did not retract his previous comments. Instead, he even attached his own side-by-side photos of Aldo's physique in a previous fight, compared to what he looked like during the McGregor bout.

Jose Aldo's UFC 194 bout was the first time he competed under the organization's new USADA testing program. Prior to that, testing in Brazil was in the hands of CABMMA, the Brazilian athletic commission, an organization that has been the in the spotlight before with accusations of corruption and collusion with various training camps.

Jose Aldo's opponent, Conor McGregor, commented on this very situation before their fight, saying the people, "that are testing Jose are the Brazilian commission, the same people who are asking for selfies, who train in the gym, who will look the other way when the piss test gets thrown over the shoulder. It's still a flawed system."

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