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Stephen Adamson

Conor McGregor will be the UFC's first fighter to reach $100 million net worth according to UFC chairman and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta.

The dude deserves it, as many consider him in the top 3 pound for pound that the sport has to offer, coupled with the fact that he's an extremely marketable personality - love him or hate him.

Fertitta said that this number would come from fight earnings, bonuses and pay-per-view revenue and would not include his outside income from the likes of Monster, his autograph deal with Fanatics or entertainment deals. He was also recently reported by TMZ to have been offered a part in Vin Diesel's xXx sequel.

So, in other words, McGregor might get even richer than that $100 million number if he plays his cards right.

Does he deserve to be paid that much?

(Via: ESPN)


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