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Stephen Adamson

Sometimes, we forget that the fights we consume as entertainment are still fights. If your buddy gets beat up outside of a bar, you're going to retaliate in some way. It's only human nature.

In the case of Jose Aldo, who was knocked out in 13 seconds at UFC 194, one of his teammates is pretty much sitting at that proverbial "bar" waiting for Conor McGregor to show up a little tipsy to catch his fade.

One of his closest teammates, Hacran Dias, had this to say about McGregor:

"I told him to fight me, that I would fight him for free. That was not a good moment and now a lot of people are saying dumb stuff. I don't know if he saw me or if he pretended he didn't. He looked at me quickly and pointed my finger at his face, he could've played it off, but I told him to fight me. I guess we will see. This is a tough subject to discuss now, man I wish I was fighting him."

I don't know, I like where his head is at but I don't know many people who would fight featherweight title-holders for free.

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