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There are many people out there who honestly believe the McGregor and Aldo fight was rigged, and suffice to say this video absolutely disproves it. What you're about to witness is the locker room scene immediately after Aldo's loss to McGregor, where real tears are shed and true devastation is felt.

It reminds me a lot of this video of All-Pro NFL defensive back Ed Reed back in his college days at the University of Miami. A true warrior can't just shake off defeat as readily as some of us would like them to.

Here's the video I'm talking about of Reed.

Ed Reed's "I'm hurt dog, don't ask me if I'm alright, hell naw!" was the first thing that popped into my mind after seeing Aldo tell those around him to essentially leave him alone and let him have his moment.

And here that moment was...

Aldo lost in brutal fashion, and so quickly, that it must've felt like he had wasted the months it took him to train for the moment. He engaged with McGregor's mental games only to fall short of keeping his title belt.

I can't blame him for reacting this way. If you've ever played a sport at any relatively high level you know this feeling. I would even venture to say that individual sports... and combat sports... are even more intensely demoralizing to lose in.

You also have to remember it was his first loss under the Zuffa banner and his first ever KO or TKO defeat. That hurts. He's never been knocked out, ever, and for it to happen this quickly...? Ouch.

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