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Miesha Tate spoke to the Los Angeles Times recently about what she thinks of Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm's rematch. Obviously, in the UFC game right now it's one of the hottest topics of conversation.

She doesn't see more time off being the right move for the fighter, especially having to go up against the woman who did this to her:

"I really respect her manager's opinion, and I have the most respect for Holly and her camp to want to stay hungry even though she's at the top of the food chain. That's important for a champion. Putting [Holm] on ice could be a little bit detrimental. She's used to staying active. I'd like to be active, too. I would love the fight, so nothing but positivity from me toward her camp."

Tate realizes that Ronda probably needs more time, but giving Holly Holm 8 full months to prepare could be detrimental to Ronda's chances.

"Ronda is going to need more time than that amount of time. Even if she is going to be back in the gym, I know she's not going to be able to have contact yet and still has a couple movies to film, which will draw her away from her time toward training. Holly already knows she's fighting Ronda, so she gets all that time - plus, she's healthy - to solidify the game plan even more if there's something to improve on -- all the little details she can work out -- while Ronda is distracted a little bit."

UFC 200 takes place July 9 from the new Las Vegas Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. We'll see what happens; it's gonna be a hot summer...



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