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Stephen Adamson

If you missed the fight between Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo that occurred this past weekend as the main event at UFC 194, here it is. It was the shortest fight of the night, including the prelims, and given all the hype, a 13 second knockout was shocking to everyone.

The question I have for fans of UFC and MMA in general is whether Aldo deserves a rematch. He was quoted saying that he essentially got caught slipping, but does that mean the result would be any different if they went back at it?

And think about it... the McGregor camp probably feels a little bit bad about how it ended but the man won, fair and square. He deserves to choose whether he wants to defend his title with someone else or to engage in a rematch with Aldo.

I figured I would let you all decide. What do you think?


Should Aldo get an immediate rematch?


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