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Jose Aldo was probably pretty bummed out after getting knocked out by Conor McGregor Saturday night, but things undeniably must've gotten considerably worse when he had to do press.

The statements that Aldo made came across as a man trying to defend his honor. And I believe that 13 second knockout was quite literally the worst-case-scenario for the man. He's better than that: he knows it and McGregor probably does too.

Here were his words regarding a rematch, which he unsurprisingly wants. It was translated via Twitter:

"He threw a straight to my chest, I was expecting it, and when I went to attack him, he hit a good straight. I think this fight here, I think now we have to go to a rematch. I think it doesn’t end there. I think it was very fast there. He hit a good blow and was able to finish the fight.”

He seemed to have been affected by McGregor's talk leading up to the fight, but he refused to admit it to the cameras and reporters.

“It didn’t affect me in any way, man; he may have spoken whatever. I never fall for provocations, I stay with a clear head (calm mind) in there, man. I have to get in there and do my job. He was happy tonight, landed a good blow. I think we have to go on to the next now. Now I’m waiting for the rematch there, and if it’s God’s will on the next one, I’ll be much more trained, and I will reclaim what is mine.”

Like McGregor, he kind of carried the weight of a nation on his shoulders in this fight. It was Brazil vs Ireland, and Jose felt the pain of letting down his country.

“Thank you guys from Brazil. Thank you a lot for the support (and) the positive energy from everyone. This is part (of it). It’s a sport. We lost the battle today, but if it’s God’s will, we lost the battle, not the war. If it’s God’s will, I’ll come back stronger and conquer (the belt) for you. Thank you very much for all your support. Thank you guys, a big hug. Be with God (may God be with you).”

A big factor and help for Aldo's case of getting this rematch on the books soon is that there have been no official announcements made regarding McGregor’s next fight. I personally want this rematch, but what do you guys think?

(Via: MMAJunkie)


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