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Ryan Matsunaga

Jon Jones is planning his comeback right now, but in the meantime, he's hurting financially.

After his drug-related hit-and-run and subsequent suspension from the UFC, Jones lost the title, along with his sponsors. Prior to that incident, his list of sponsors included big name brands like Gatorade, Reebok, EA Sports, and he was the first ever MMA fighter to be get a deal with Nike.

All of those sponsors jumped ship after Jones' felony conviction though, and while the former champ won't be doing any time behind bars, he is facing a long and difficult road to reclaim his former place in the sport.

Speaking with Ariel Helwani, Jones revealed that one sponsor he's considering is none other than Floyd Mayweather's "Money Team."

“I haven’t (talked to him yet), but my business partners have already reached out to him and you may see me in some Money Team gear," he said. "I’m not saying I’m joining ‘The Money Team’, but it’s definitely a possibility, I’m not opposed to it. Floyd’s career has been tremendous.”

While Mayweather recently retired from boxing, his "Money Team" brand is still alive and kicking, and Mayweather himself is someone Jones really admires on a personal level.

“It’s great to see a champion show his heart and his winning ways. It’s great to see a champion get what he deserves. That really, really encourages me. (Mayweather’s payday is) ridiculous, in a good way,” Jones previously said in a 2013 interview.


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