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Ryan Matsunaga

What could draw MMA legend Dan Severn out of retirement? Ken Shamrock or Royce Gracie... at least, whichever one of them proves to be the better fighter in their Bellator confrontation slated for next year.

“Well, they were on my to-do list in the first place," Severn said. "So sure, I’d do it."

Severn is now 57-years-old, an age that would make a comeback fight completely out of the question for pretty much any other fighter. However, Severn is not your average fighter.

After getting a late start to his MMA career at the age of 36, he went on to fight a total of 127 times, amassing an insane 101-19-7 record. He ended his career in 2013, with a victory at a small regional show in Iowa.

While he does still have some years on Shamrock and Gracie (51 and 48 respectively), he's realistically not that deep into retirement. After all, Ken Shamrock has only had two fights in the past five years, while Royce Gracie hasn't fought since 2007.

The two of them will meet for a third time at Bellator 149 in February.

What do you think? Should Dan Severn come out of retirement for one more superfight?


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