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Stephen Adamson

Conor McGregor and José Aldo square off this weekend in one of the most anticipated fights in recent UFC history. They've been tossing insults back and forth at each other, with McGregor undeniably being the louder, more bombastic voice between the two.

One of the most recent comments he made on UFC 194 Embedded could take the cake for one of the funniest - and most badass - forms of pre-fight trash talk I've heard in a while.

Here's what he had to say:

"He brought in a guy to mimic me and the guy that mimicked me put him out of the fight with a spin kick that went wide. I saw it. It was a sloppy kick. It was embarrassing to even get caught with a shot like that.

It just goes to show how flat and stuck he is. There’s no one that can mimic me. I have my spies in their camp so I see everything that goes on in that camp."

If Conor actually has spies watching Aldo train, this is amazing. I kind of think he meant it in a casual manner and that he doesn't have paid spies... I mean, he's not the New England Patriots.

On a separate note, if Aldo is using a fighter similar to McGregor to train, that's smart and makes perfect sense. But if he's not doing very well against this dummy-McGregor, that is bad news.

We'll see this weekend.



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