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Stephen Adamson

José Aldo and Conor McGregor would never admit that they're scared of each other, but they should be. They're both strong fighters with something to prove. I mean as far as featherweights are concerned, right now one is the champ and the other the "interim" champ. But they've never faced one another... who are you taking in this battle of the titans?

McGregor has been talking his ass off, but I think it's a mental game. Aldo, on the other hand, hasn't faced anyone with McGregor's level of aggression. Just in case you aren't hyped enough already, this promo bit from UFC will get you stoked for sure:

It all goes down this Saturday in the entertainment capital of the world... Las Vegas. So, help us come to a consensus. Choose your guy below...


Who is going to win?


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