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In what is now becoming the commonly echoed sentiment around some of Ronda's haters, Miesha Tate is tossing her name in to the mix as yet another person who thinks the media attention affected Ronda Rousey in the fight she lost earlier this Fall to Holly Holm.

Here's what she had to say:

"Maybe it was everything else with the lead up. I'm now hearing that there's a lot of personal issues. It just seemed like maybe Ronda was distracted a little bit. But I feel like Ronda has always had a lot on her plate. She's always had a lot going on. I don't think it's ever a perfect training situation for anybody going into a fight, especially a title fight. They're longer camps and there's more demand for media and all those things. I think that's just the way Ronda is used to dealing with things. I don't know if there was really anything different this time other than she just didn't seem like herself."

This wouldn't qualify as hate in my mind. I mean, when it really comes down to it, Tate has already lost twice to Ronda so she can't really talk. I think it's more of an excuse for the loss.

I personally can't wait for Ronda to get back into the ring, hopefully to emerge as a winner, and to shut up some of the doubters. There will be interesting story-lines going forward, and I'm excited to see how it all unfolds.

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