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UFC is awesome for a multitude of reasons, but one of the reasons that I think is legitimately true is that the women of the sport are just as popular as the men. This could probably be said for tennis and, perhaps volleyball, but there was a time when many people were against female UFC fighting; I bet those people are pretty much shutting up right about now.

The Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm fight was one of the biggest in UFC history, as far as fanfare was concerned. And now, with Bethe Correia and Miesha Tate set to square off soon, we've got yet another potentially awesome fight to settle who's second best.

There's a lot of trash talking going on between the two, and most recently Tate had some words for Correia:

Here's what she had to say to Inside MMA:

"She's just really been annoying, honestly, and for the longest time I've kind of just ignored it. I didn't really think she was worth my time, but I thought that after Ronda shut her up she would maybe get the point that she shouldn't act like that and act so ignorant. Obviously she didn't, so if that's the fight she wants, I'd be willing to step in there and teach her a lesson. Obviously, she needs a more brutal beatdown than the one Ronda gave her."

I think Tate really wants to fight Holm, but she recognizes that might not be for quite some time...

"I really want that title shot, but I understand that's probably not going to happen."

(Via: MMA Mania)


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