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Dana White is probably pretty thrilled these days, with the rising popularity of the UFC and the legitimate fanfare surrounding both male and female fighters under his umbrella.

He just went on First Take to talk to Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless about all things UFC; of course, that would include Rousey and Holm, but it was what he said about Jon Jones and his new-found jacked-ness that caught my attention.

I've been keeping tabs on Jon "Bones" Jones' Instagram and the work he's been putting in... it's impressive. Here's what White had to say about the man:

He's actually doing really well. And I don't know if you follow him on Instagram, but he's been in the gym. You won't believe him when you see him. He has completely transformed. This guy is jacked. He's been lifting, like powerlifting. He's huge right now."

He echoed my sentiments re: Instagram, and yeah... check out what I'm talking about...

Dude is swole.

White went on to say that Jon Jones was likely to fight as a heavyweight soon with the amount of gains he's been procuring from the gym recently...

"He'll still be a light heavyweight, but he's planning on making that move to heavyweight. He definitely is. Jones looks awesome. He's one of those freakish kind of athletes, he might be the best who's ever done it. He might be the best that's ever been in the game. And he's one of those freakish athletes that could [have success at both weight classes]. I mean, look at his brothers. Chandler is having an incredible season with the Patriots right now. He's a freak of nature, this guy could do anything, and it's good to see his head clear. And trust me, I'd rather see him in the gym than, you know."

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