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Holly Holm is still trying to get used to being the champion of her sport, and now with news that a rematch between her and Ronda Rousey is going to be scheduled, it's even more difficult for her to revel in her victory.

But her hometown friends, family, and supporters have been behind her the whole way. She believed in herself and had a support system that believed in her too.

Check out her speech in Albuquerque, New Mexico at her hometown parade, celebrating her win...

This crowd is awesome! Good to see that her folks came out in full force...

I love these words, right here:

"Thank you so much for being here today and not just today, but always. And I'm not done yet. We're still gonna take it to the top."

As far as UFC fighters go, she's probably got the most hometown support. In fact, she might have the most support potentially of any fighter, period. They love her down in New Mexico, people!

She's "not done yet". Many people I've talked to believe Holm can win again... and she can. She's already undisputed, but she'll be even more clearly the champ if she can win again... especially if it's another knockout similar to this one:

(Via: MMA Fighting)


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