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Stephen Adamson

Yahoo! might not be the most used search engine, but it definitely has some sway in the tech world regardless. It's one of the most recognizable (by name) companies in Silicon Valley and with Marissa Mayer as CEO, it's a player in the online space.

So, when they released this list of their top-searched active athletes, male or female, and Ronda Rousey was at the top... I was surprised. Check out this tweet from Darren Rovell with the top 10:

Another shocking thing is the sheer number of female athletes on the list. Definitely some pretty interesting names up there, and I guess you could attribute the fact that there isn't a single NBA or NFL player on the list to the fact that this is the internet... hence, international.

I don't know, this is definitely eye-opening, though.

(Via: Twitter)


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