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No matter who you want to win in the José Aldo - Conor McGregor fight, you have to admit that both men are students of the game. They are keen observers of the sport, and you have to be.

The only way to remain great is to see what others are doing. It's important to find out what other fighters are doing right and also learning from their mistakes.

Check out what McGregor had to say (at the UFC 194 media lunch) about watching Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm's now infamous fight:

"Maybe just push everything away. I know there was problems. I can't really see her situation. I don't know her situation. From looking from where I was at, I could see that maybe she's doing a little too much on the media side. That coupled with personal life that I don't know about, maybe could've hampered her training a little bit. Maybe could have hampered her mind. And then the particular style of opponent in Holly. It all kind of combined into making her a little bit too emotionally invested."

He also talked about his media obligations and how those can potentially be a distraction.

"They give me media obligations. I handle it. Sometimes it's tedious. But overall, it's business. I treat it as business. I get in and do my job. But my main job, my main place of business is inside that Octagon. That is where I truly shine."

He added the following regarding the specifics of the Holly and Ronda fight...

"The first thing I watch is the technical aspect of the contest. I watch Holly put on a good performance. She struck, she evaded. I watched Ronda fight a little bit emotionally invested. I'm sure she had many, many things going on. She's one of the hardest working fighters in the game -- media wise and work wise. She had a lot on her plate and it showed in the contest. Holly Holm came up in the dark, in the shadows. That can help a person."

He rounded up what he had to say about the fight with what I believe to be a really good frame of mind to have.

"It's important just to still the mind. Calm it. Make everything smaller than it is. That's maybe what I would take from [Rousey's loss]."

McGregor sounds ready. He sounds sharp and focused. I can't wait for McGregor-Aldo December 12th.



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