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You've gotta love Kimbo Slice. He's got a unique style of fighting... but also of just living and overall way of being. And he believes, wholeheartedly, that his Bellator 149 opponent Dhafir “DaDa 5000” Harris is refusing to stay in his lane.

Slice thinks Dada 5000 needs to create his own brand and leave his alone. Check out what the man had to say to MMAjunkie...

“This guy stole my image, stole my look – he tried to look like me, he tried to sound like me, and he tries to be me. He talks sh-t about me, and then he posts sh-t on Twitter saying he can fight and beat me. For years he’s been running and hiding from me. The fact I get to fight this piece of sh-t enhances my training. I have bad blood. This is worse than the Ken Shamrock fight. I wanted to get at Ken Shamrock’s ass over the years, but this is worse than that. This dude knows who I am. This is a different level.”

It makes some sense, though. I mean, they're both from Miami and they even went to the same high school.

But that's no excuse in the mind of Kimbo...

“The guy got my same f-cking tattoos that I got on my body; just follow the history of this piece of sh-t, and you understand my anger. People that know me and are from the same neighborhood, they know what’s going on here. I just want to get in that cage and do what I got to do. The more I talk about it, the more upset I get about it. He’s copying me in a very clownish way. He’s a f-cking clown. He’s a piece of sh-t. I have nothing good to say about this guy. He’s a joke. I don’t even know how his family, his kids and his mom even respect him. I don’t know how he has the following that he has. I’m just glad this opportunity is here and that he signed the contract.”

The event won't take place until Feb. 19 and it'll go down at Houston’s Toyota Center. Clearly, this will add even more intrigue to the fight.

Slice wants to calm down and chill out before the fight, though. He knows he can't bring all of this anger with him into the ring.

“I have to come back to my senses and realize, ‘Kimbo, you’re a professional now, so save it for the cage. Every fighter is a punch away from victory. You have to take every fight in a respectful manner. I don’t want to be so anxious that I make mistakes and I go in there and I get knocked the f-ck out. I have to be smart and make sure all my t’s are crossed and all my i’s are dotted. You’ve got to have a game plan. There’s a game plan to have sex. You have to have a game plan before you take your girl out.”

Doesn't mean he's not mad, though. You've gotta love these words he has for Harris...

“For this piece of sh-t, I’ve got a level of respect that I’m going to knock his ass out; I’m coming in with the intentions that I’m going to make this motherf-cker respect me. He’s going to respect who I am. He’s going to respect the nature of who I am and the work that I’ve put in. For you to make a mockery and try to copy and steal my image and run with it then you talk sh-t about me and try to be like me? That in itself is something I’m fighting for. I’m fighting for my f-cking respect right now. This isn’t a title fight. This is for my f-cking respect.”

(Via: MMAJunkie)


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