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Fresh off the heels of Benson Henderson being courted to fight for $200,000 in South Korea, it looks like Bellator president Scott Coker is excited to see if he can convince Henderson to fight under his umbrella.

He's one of the most fun fighters to watch, and because of this he's getting plenty of love right now.

Here's what Coker had to say...

“Any time a fighter like Benson becomes available, of course we’re interested, but I don’t know his contract status. I think he’s still under contract, and until I hear differently, we’re not going to do this the wrong way.”

Henderson fulfilled his UFC contract with a decision over Jorge Masvidal at this past Saturday's UFC Fight Night 79, but he's not currently free to entertain other offers. That doesn't mean he's not getting them, though.

The UFC’s standard contract gives it an exclusive period in which it can negotiate with a fighter before a non-exclusive period allows them to receive offers from other promotions with the industry-leader retaining the right to match those offers. In other words, I think Benson is bout to get paid!

It's likely that Henderson could try fighting elsewhere but here's what he said about where he wants to end his career fighting. And that's the UFC:

“When I retire, it will be retiring in the UFC – I know that for sure. But I’m going to test the market, yes.”

Fair enough.

Coker, meanwhile, is just patiently waiting and twiddling his thumbs hoping he can snag Henderson...

“We’re going to do this the right way, and if he’s a free agent, we’ll sit down and have a conversation."

What do you think?

(Via: MMA Junkie)


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