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This is something I can get behind.

Rather than leaving the cover of the new EA Sports UFC video game up to a fan vote, we'll have the winner of José Aldo and Conor McGregor grace the cover alongside Ronda Rousey, who is already confirmed.

The game was announced in November and Rousey will be heavily featured (obviously) as well as some new features including a new career mode, which for the first time will allow users to play as a male or female fighter.

“EA UFC 2” will also featured an updated grappling system, refined character models and several other new modes such as the ability to create an event, fight in a knockout-only mode and much more.

Sounds pretty sweet...

EA Sports Creative Director Brian Hayes had this to say about the game giving what appears to be equal treatment to male and female fighters...

“It’s the first time a female athlete’s been the lead cover athlete for an EA SPORTS title. It shows how meteoric her rise has been. When we started development on ‘EA UFC 1,’ the women’s bantamweight division didn’t exist in the UFC. We weren’t planning on creating female fighters and then all of a sudden Ronda Rousey came around. As a result largely of what she’s accomplished, we’ve gone from when we signed the deal (with the UFC), there was no concept of female fighters in the game, to now there is a female fighter in the cover who is arguably the biggest UFC fighter in the world.”

I'm anxious to see whether we'll have a Brazilian or Irishman as Ronda's male counterpart on the cover. Who do you think will get it?

(Via: MMA Junkie)


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