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Stephen Adamson

Please tell me you remember this video of Bas Rutten being beyond-legendary and demonstrating self defense techniques in the most entertaining way possible. Saying it's epic would be like saying dogs are cute. Extremely obvious, but I'm going to do it anyway... this video is epic.

Just feast your eyes on Bas and his genuine lack of giving anything close to a fuck in the video below...

There are several elements that make this video hilarious...

The video is old so the quality isn't amazing, but that doesn't matter... Bas is the main event here

His English is decent, but could use some work... makes for an even funnier video

"He tried to kill me... so... I've gotta return the favor" - Bas Rutten.

"Never... ever... let him take that choke. Cuz if you're [knocked] out... God knows what they're going to do with you." - Bas Rutten.

The best thing about this video is that it's informative while also being hilarious. I love that Bas decided to do this, and I'm hoping if you hadn't already seen it that it brightened your day just a little bit.

And hopefully you won't get beat up by strangers in the street. If so, though, at least you'll have some moves at your disposal.


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