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Right now, Benson Henderson (23-5 MMA, 11-3 UFC) is being publicly courted by Korean-based promotion ROAD FC to fight in South Korea. With the rising popularity of the sport in the country, a solid fighter like Henderson is a valuable asset.

These types of fighters could bring a flair to the Korean market similar to how the MLS attracts big-time European soccer players to attempt to acquire more fans stateside.

Check out what ROAD FC's General Manager Mark Lee had to say to MMAjunkie via email. He also included the price:

“Benson Henderson put on an amazing performance in Seoul. ROAD FC is aware he would like to test his upcoming free agency. We are interested in discussing a contract with Mr. Henderson for $200,000.”

The man then was a little hesitant to explain further what that meant - specifically, whether the figure was per fight or total value.

$200k per fight would be a huge jump up from the $48k paycheck he received for an August 2014 loss to current UFC champ Rafael dos Anjos (that was the most recent public/disclosed paycheck he received).

(Via: MMAjunkie)


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