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MMA is rising in popularity and of course, with that, comes more sold-out events and dedicated fans. Sometimes those fans are so dedicated that they actually end up being just as - or more - entertaining than the product in the actual ring!

Here are 12 times the audience stole the show at events and proved that it's important to bring your A-game to the Octagon, even if you're planning on staying outside of it.

So check out these different types of (equally) amazing crowd members...

Your cousin and/or uncle who always fucks shit up at family reunions

Tyron Woodley's mom having a special, highly intimate moment with Jesus

Bald fleece-wearing guy who somehow managed to steal our attention from the gorgeous Ronda Rousey with crazy eyes

Wasted couple that wants you to know exactly how drunk they are and also how much drunker they'll be very soon

The FOX Sports MMA Robot getting beat up by hot girls

'No ragrets'-ass-fool with a UFC bicep tattoo that he can't wait to show off to the camera

Mike Tyson.

Wagner Prado refuses to be the victim in this failed hat thievery

This dude showing his love for the sport... and the game... and doing so with the most passion seen ringside in decades

The guy who falls head-over-heels in love with Mike Brown after he was blown a kiss

The dude who takes UFC more seriously than Dana White and Joe Rogan combined... but has a different way of showing it

Donnie Yen essentially flipping the bird to everyone sitting on their couch at home who's ass he could probably beat

This wild dude who I'm honestly too scared to make fun of in an internet post

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