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Conor McGregor has made a name for himself as one of the most infamous shit talkers currently in the UFC universe. As his upcoming fight with Jose Aldo approaches, it appears he's training harder than ever to make sure he can back up what he says he'll do to the Brazilian fighter.

The fight, UFC 194, goes down December 12th in Las Vegas, and the trash talk that has already gone down has been hilarious to say the least. Like, I get that the competitive juices are flowing, but the flair that McGregor has as part of his intimidation strategy always seems to get the crowd hyped.

For example...

The Irishman recently took to Twitter, where he put a prediction of sorts out there... that the view Aldo would have would look something like this...

He'd be on the ground, looking up at Ireland's finest and his tattoos looking formidable af.

And it would be one thing if he was just talking trash. He's putting in that work, as you can see from a sparring video taken a week ago.

And here's another video of him working his ass off...

What do you guys think? Should Jose be scared, or is Conor all bark and no bite? I doubt it.

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