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I think the UFC is in a good position to wait a little while to get a rematch set up between Holly Holm and Ronda Rousey. Hopefully, they can regain some momentum if they put those two in the Octagon together, but I think it's best for the sport if both athletes have time to recuperate.

There's really not much else that needs to be said when it comes to Holly Holm. She will not stop talking trash, she will not somehow become a worse fighter, and she will back up what she has to say.

I mean...

Most recently, that trash talk hasn't been overly positive if you're a Rousey supporter. Her response to how many fights she thought she would win out of 10 if they squared off again, she answered with no hesitation...

"Ten. Because if I tell myself that there is one that I might not get, then I’ll be vulnerable. I also know that I’m beatable, so I’m going to train twice as hard. She’s going to come back. She’s mad that it’s not her title anymore. I’ve got to be twice as ready as last time."

Apparently, she's also watched the fight itself a bunch of times. Here was her response to the question of how many times she's flipped it on to watch...

Kind of a lot. I never really watch my fights. My first UFC fight I didn't watch it until after my second UFC fight was over. There's some that I watch right away and if I do watch I usually watch it more than once.

This one, highlights were everywhere and it's one of those things, too, that a lot of people around me are like 'oh my gosh Holly this is my favourite part of the fight' and they'll show me. So I have seen it multiple times but then of course with all the interviews they show the film so I've probably seen it like 30 times from what other people showed. It's been awesome.

What do you think? Is Holly going to have a big career or will she go down as that woman who once knocked out Ronda. Could she win 10/10 fights between the two? Is she that much better?

What do you think?

(Via: Bleacher Report)


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