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Ladies and gentlemen, meet 27 year old Tyson Fury.

He's 6'9" 257 lbs and has one of the best boxing names, probably, of all time. He just beat Wladimir Klitschko in a unanimous decision this past weekend to become the WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight champion of the world.

This is a big deal, y'all

In case you have been living under a rock for several years, Nashville star Hayden Panettiere is Klitschko's wife. And he has been running the heavyweight boxing game for a minute now.

On an unrelated note, a giant dude and a tiny woman. I'm excited to see what happens with their children size-wise, and whether any of them take up fighting and/or acting.

But this day was Fury's.

When asked about how he shocked the world by bringing down the champ, he responded simply by saying it was "not a shock" for him. Rather, he knew that he was capable of knocking off the champ, and he did so through training and flawless execution. No knockout, but a definite clear unanimous win.

Klitschko stands tall at 6'6" himself, but the extra 3 inches that Fury has easily helped him outperform and outreach the longstanding Wladimir. But I think Fury is going to be known for more than just being an excellent fighter.

Here are 5 bizarre things Fury did surrounding this epic fight...

1. He serenaded Wladimir and actually demonstrated great singing ability, randomly

This is weird... and great. And his voice is surprisingly good. But there's more!

2. In his post-fight interview, he sang Aerosmith

Some people frown on this type of behavior, but I absolutely love it. This man is a serious troll, and the boxing world is all-the-better for it.

This isn't new behavior, though. No, not at all.

3. This post-fight interview rant is brutal but also kind of endearing towards the end

I love this guy. But, wait there's more...

4. He was fined £15,000 by the British Boxing Board of Control and replied with this

We really should have seen this coming. Dude is a true champ.

5. He showed up at a world title fight press conference (the Klitschko fight)... as Batman

Now, this is what you do when you are trying to win a fight. Just channel your inner-Batman and let all of the rest fall into place.

Ladies and gentleman, I hope you enjoyed your introduction to this amazing, bizarre man. I hope he stays champ for multiple years so we can keep seeing stuff like this from him.

(Via: People)


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