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Terrell Owens hung up the cleats a few years ago, but apparently he's eying a return to the gridiron. He was one of the best athletes to play the wide receiver position ever, but to say he's probably lost a step is more than likely an understatement.

However, the news is that he wants back in the NFL... and what better team to join than the undefeated New England Patriots?

Here's what he said according to Gary Washburn from the Boston Globe:

"Would I be open to it? Considering an organization like the [New England] Patriots? Yes. Knowing Tom [Brady] and understanding the structure of what Bill Belichick, how he runs his ship, I have no problem with that. A lot of people will obviously speculate into what I may bring from a negative standpoint to that organization."

The Patriots organization is undeniably thin on WRs right now with Julian Edelman out (foot), Danny Amendola and Aaron Dobson both hurt, and an already not-so-stacked receiving corps to boot.

Randy Moss went to the Patriots at the tail-end of his career and made it work. Could T.O. do the same? He's undeniably a bit of a controversial figure to have in your locker room but he could create match-up problems, especially in the red-zone.

What do you think?

(Via: Bleacher Report)


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