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If you aren't familiar with Johnny Manziel, a.k.a. Johnny Football, he's a somewhat controversial quarterback who went to Texas A&M, was drafted to the NFL two years ago, and had to sit out a season after being sent to rehab. I think the hatred he got stemmed from the fact that he was a bit of a loud-mouth and "troublemaker" in the eyes of some.

Rappers and athletes from other sports, like Lebron James, vouched for the guy and he appeared by all accounts to be a decent kid and a great athlete. This recent video, though, of Johnny listening to rapper Future (who happens to be rapping about doing illicit drugs) and drinking with friends has him in a lot of trouble.

The song he's listening to in this video is 'March Madness' by Future. The specific line states "the molly made me f*ck her even though she average", referring to a night of partying and ending up with a girl that is less-than ideal but because you're on drugs it's okay. Not a great message.

Anyway, here's what the Cleveland Browns head coach had to say about the whole thing (Hint: it wasn't great).

“Everyone in this organization wants what is best for Johnny just like we do for every player in our locker room. I’m especially disappointed in his actions and behavior because he has been working very hard. The improvements from last year to this year have been tremendous but he still has to consistently demonstrate that he has gained a good understanding of what it takes to be successful at the quarterback position on this level. It goes well beyond the field. We are going to continue to support him in every way possible, but at this point, we’ve decided it’s best to go with Josh as the starter going forward.”

Sounds kind of like Johnny needs to get his shit together ASAP before he ends up out of a job. Being a star athlete is fun, but the NFL is still a business. If you aren't holding up your end of the bargain and doing what you gotta do, you can get canned.

I hope Johnny bounces back, as I think he's a really exciting player to watch and deserves a shot in the league.

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