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Conor McGregor has branded himself as a shit-talker, but he is very capable of backing almost all of the shit he talks up. It's good to be able to walk the walk when you know damn well nobody is going to stop you from talking the talk for quite some time.

Here he is, at the airport, letting it be known that he's got Ronda's back, specifically as it pertains to Donald Trump's recent words...

Of course, if you somehow missed it, Donald Trump took to Twitter to call Rousey "not a nice person" and stating that he was glad she lost. Here's what McGregor had to say...

“It’s easy for someone who isn’t in [the Octagon] to comment. It’s different when you’re in there. The emotions are high. It is what it is. You either want to touch gloves or you don’t. Donald can shut his big fat mouth. I don’t give a fuck about Donald Trump.”

I have a feeling Trump vs. McGregor would never happen, but if you're talking a fight that would, in essence, promote itself... that would be it. Only those who make a living in the Octagon know what it's like to win... and lose... when so much is on the line.

In case you still haven't seen the kick heard around the world, here it is below...

(Via: Complex Sports)


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