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It was a crazy night of action at , but only one man can legitimately walk away saying that he shocked the world.

Last evening, Zach Freeman defied the odds and defeated one of MMA's most highly touted prospects, Aaron Pico. The fight lasted just 24-seconds and Pico came out the gate fast looking to take the fight to Freeman and put him on the back foot. The wrestling champion over-committed with a right hand and ate a big uppercut for his troubles. Before he knew it, Pico was on his backside and Freeman made the most of the opportunity and locked in a quick guillotine choke to get the win.

Earlier this morning, Freeman spoke exclusively to about his big win under the bright lights at Madison Square Garden.

"I'm feeling on top of the world," Freeman said. "I'm more just happy that I shocked everyone else. I didn't shock myself, my friends, my family or my training partners, but just shocking everyone else that didn't know me and didn't have faith in my. MMAJunkie had like ten to nothing picks for Aaron Pico. It was more upsetting to those people rather than anything else. It runs blood through your veins. It just makes you so excited that you cannot sleep. I've only taken a little nap because my phone [has been blowing up], apparently I was on [ESPN] SportsCenter. It's just kind of all coming together."

It's fair to say that Freeman winning wasn't Bellator's Plan A. Freeman joined several of the other fighters and Scott Coker for the post-fight press conference after the event finished, but seemingly, the Bellator President didn't have the time to talk after the fight.

"He didn't say anything," Freeman said. "No sir. All the staff were amazing. I think the executives, I think they just had a lot on their mind. You know, Fedor got beat. That alone would shock you. You know, my win, it was just a night of upsets. It was a blue corner night. With what happened to Mike Chandler, hats off to Brent, but I think they just had a lot on their mind. I imagine I might hear from Scott. I think after the press conference he just shook my hand and said, 'Good job,' but I'm sure we will get to know each other better."

After the biggest win of his career, Freeman now plans to return home to get back to the day job of selling windows on Tuesday. Despite the enormity of his win last night, Freeman has no plans on packing it in just yet.

"I think I need to sit down with my bosses because I love my job and it's my career," Freeman said. "It's something I can do for the rest of my life and fighting won't last long. That's why when I lost my big Titan fight against Jake Lindsey, I got a back up plan. A lot of fighters don't have a back up plan and I think that's where they go wrong. Fighting is such an up and down sport, more so than football or baseball or soccer. Fighting just takes one mistake and that could be the end of your career. I just worked really hard to have a good backup career and now that this has all happened, I'm just going to take what I can, while I can, but I'm also going to know that I've still got a career and I'm going to think about how I can work around that. I'm going to sit down with my bosses and just talk about what we can do."

What a story and what a night for Freeman.


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