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Matt Juul

Former Disney star and occasional UFC fan Zac Efron had a lot of bulking up to do in order to give Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson a run for his money in the abs competition while shooting Baywatch.

But rather than try to match the star muscle for muscle, Efron apparently tried to go the lean and mean martial arts route, a la a certain action movie icon. According to a recent interview with E! News, the actor said that Johnson's powerful physique was what motivated him to want to get into Bruce Lee shape.

"Everybody knows all the secrets, the tricks of the trade," Efron said. "For this part, it was just commitment. It was as much of the character as it was the acting. I had to keep up with The Rock. If he's The Rock, I wanted to be Bruce Lee."

Efron apparently went on an insanely strict diet, as his co-star Kelly Rohrbach told E! News that he wouldn't touch any junk food on the set. Efron would also apparently do mini-workouts between takes.

"They would call 'cut' on a scene and Zac would jump down and do 50 push-ups. He was so disciplined," she said. "Obviously you want to look good for the film, but it was really to get us in the mindset of the characters."

Expect to see a whole lot of Efron's Bruce Lee-inspired bod when Baywatch hits theaters on May 19.


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