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Amy Kaplan

The most historic UFC event, possibly ever, will be taking place November 12 in New York City, and tickets are already going for astronomical prices.

The Fight Club pre-sale has come and gone, and currently the UFC newsletter pre-sale is happening, but already the scalpers have listed their tickets on outside sources. Tickets through the UFC do not go on sale to the general public until Sept. 30.

When I logged in through the official UFC pre-sale, I saw hat tickets started at $160, but those were sold out already. The cheapest ticket that the UFC is offering at this time, is about $1000.

The cheapest tickets I was able to find outside the UFC (on sites like and were between $600-700. Those tickets being in the second tier from the top, and originally sold for the $100-300 range.

The floor seats seem to be going in the $50,000 range. Ouch!

It seems as though you can currently purchase tickets through the venue's website, but it looks to just be an outlet for resellers rather than through the venue itself.

Once the tickets go on sale to the public, you will be able to access them here.

Just in case you didn't know who was fighting, here's the full official card.

Happy hunting!


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