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Elias Cepeda

UFC Fight Night: Phoenix headliner BJ Penn has openly said that he believes his Sunday opponent Yair Rodriguez played a bit of the snake in the grass when they both trained at Team Jackson/Winkeljohn in asking to fight him. It is clear that Penn is using that perceived slight as additional motivation for his comeback.

Rodriguez, however, told members of the media earlier this week (below) during open workouts that he doesn’t understand Penn’s anger at him. Furthermore, Rodriguez believes that Penn is “acting like an amateur.”

“He’s an expert...and I respect him so much,” the 24 year-old said of “The Prodigy.”

“The way that he talks is not going to change the way that I think about him, you know? He’s acting like an amateur.

“I’m not mad at him, I actually respect him so much. I don’t know why he’s mad. Man, I appreciate you, I respect you so much I don’t know why you’re mad with me. I didn’t do nothing to you.”

With all that being said, Rodriguez isn’t exactly concerned with Penn being angry at him. After all, angry or not, the two will lock themselves in a cage and fight one another until a referee makes them stop.

“But, if you’re mad, man, what can I do? We’re going to fight, anyways,” Rodriguez concluded.

“So, you’re going to punch me in the face - it’s what we do.”

Rodriguez may not understand why is mad, bro. Then again, he doesn’t seem to care, either.


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