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Justin Golightly

Demetrious Johnson has basically embarrassed anyone who was ever considered his competition for five years straight. Last weekend, he sealed his name in the books of UFC history by destroying Wilson Reis and tying Anderson Silva's title defense record. If he ever gets his damn belts, he'll be MMA's Floyd Mayweather of gold. So, that begs the question: Why is he so unpopular? Multi-sport commentator extraordinaire Todd Grisham tried to tackle this topic on The MMA Hour.

In the era of chair-threatening, energy drink can-throwing press conferences, it makes sense that a script straight from the WWE would be a perfect route for Demetrious Johnson to get popular. You can't say Grisham is wrong here, if Johnson hauled off and Stockton slapped Dominick Cruz — suspension and exile from the sport ignored — we'd poop our sofas.

The problem is that Johnson just isn't that guy, no matter how bad some fans want him to be. The irony is that the same fans who complain about fighters taking money fights out of their divisions, can't get behind Johnson for being completing the checklist of a perfect champion his entire career.


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