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Kel Dansby

Broken Matt Hardy and his Brother Nero are two of the most popular characters in pro wrestling. If you were a fan of the WWE during the Attitude Era you may be more familiar with them as The Hardy Boyz, but trust that their new gimmicks are much more bizarre.

With news of The Hardys leaving TNA to become free agents, they are now open to sign with any other professional wrestling promotion.

That is why Matt Hardy tweeting Bray Wyatt out of the blue after the latest Smackdown Live episode lit a fuse in the wrestling community.

This is a continuation of a conversation between Hardy and Bray Wyatt in December.

Many expect the WWE to make a push for the Hardy's services and the mystery of when and where they'll appear has fans on the edge of their seats.

Hardy said it best himself.

The wrestling marks on Twitter had a field day with Hardy's tweets.


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