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On a recent episode of Sean Waltman’s “X-Pac 12360” podcast, the WWE legend recaps the “One Night Only with The Kliq” Q&A session he had with his fellow Kliq members Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.

One of the questions was which current WWE superstar each Kliq member would face in the ring, and I found some of those answers intriguing. The transcription of these answers was provided by Wrestlezone.

Here are the answers:

  • X-Pac: “I’m a big fan of Shinsuke Nakamura. Maybe back in my prime. I wouldn’t want to get anywhere near a ring he was in now…” and “…the guy my mouth would be watering over would be Braun Strowman.”
  • Kevin Nash: “I’d like to do the David and Goliath with Finn Balor.”
  • Scott Hall: “In my prime, I’d like to square up with Kevin Owens.”
  • Shawn Michaels: “Everybody’s heard mine, there’s a list of guys, AJ (Styles), Seth (Rollins), Kevin (Owens). To me, it’s all these new faces that is the whole joy of the stuff… I could do new and innovative stuff with each and every one of them.”

X-Pac vs. Shinsuke Nakamura and Braun Strowman

Both of these matches would be exciting in different ways. X-Pac - or 123 Kid vs. Nakamura would be a showstealer for sure. Nakamura and X-Pac would probably be a little stiff when it comes to working, but there would be cool spots, especially with kicks. Both men have a martial arts background and could give fans a technical display of their abilities. It would also be fun to watch Nakamura react to X-Pac’s D-X taunting - the King of Strong Style interrupting X-Pac’s crotch chopping.

With Strowman, it would be a classic big man vs. smaller guy wrestling match, but there would be some good psychology thrown in there. Strowman could also learn some things from X-Pac. He’s come a long way since his days with the Wyatt Family, but X-Pac could teach him a few things to add to his ring presentation.

Kevin Nash vs. Finn Balor

This would be an interesting match. Sure, it could go down as the David vs. Goliath battle that Nash would want, and it would be great, but there’s a few different elements. During the build up, Nash could reference Balor’s time in Japan as Prince Devitt and the Bullet Club and say “we came up with that first and you’re a cheap knockoff.” Nash did his blessing for the Bullet Club to use this, but this is kayfabe. On the flip side, Nash could complement Balor and say, “You remind me a little bit of Shawn Michaels, but you’re not there.” They could bring Triple H along to add some intrigue.

If Balor wants to bring out his “Demon” persona for the match, he could play mind games with Nash leading up to their encounter - similar to Wrestlemania XII when Nash - as Diesel - faced the Undertaker. There was all the build up with the casket and descent into hell, which Nash helped come up with.

People like to bash Nash for his wrestling ability, but he knows psychology, and he and Balor could come up with some good elements to what could be a showstopper of a match.

Scott Hall vs. Kevin Owens

This is another interesting match in that both wrestlers are shades of each other. Both men are great workers and have great in-ring psychology. Both wrestlers have families and spend - or spent in Hall’s case - their in-ring careers making a good life for them. Both wrestlers also shined a spotlight on the Intercontinental championship during their runs.

The buildup for this match would be great - especially with Owens as the heel. There are different avenues that Owens could go in his promos, but one area that could sting is how Hall never won a world title. Hall could then fire back about Owens’ career and how Triple H has given him everything on a silver platter.

I know some fans might think, “Why bring Triple H into this, it takes away from the feud?” Triple H has a history with the Kliq, they were his buddies when they were all wrestling and Hall could make Hunter decide “Are you with The Kliq or are you with them?” - "them" referring to the crop of NXT superstars that have come into the main roster and are seemingly “Triple H guys” or girls - see Sasha Banks.

Shawn Michaels and his list

Everyone knows Michaels’ list and it makes me a little sad because we’ll never get to see these matches. Styles, Rollins and Owens would make for great opponents for Michaels - as well as others that weren’t mentioned in the podcast - like Samoa Joe. As Michaels said, he could tell some great stories with every one of them.

On an episode of "Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast," Michaels was offered Styles for Wrestlemania. It would have been a great match for sure.

All these matches mentioned would be worthy of Wrestlemania, and as a fan, I would love to see them. That said, I would rather see The Kliq happy and healthy in retirement because all of them have had great in-ring careers.


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