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When and hammered several drunk bar goons on , the , whether intentionally or not, paid homage to a classic pro wrestling movie scene from 1974.

Dirty Dick Murdoch and Dusty Rhodes fought in a similar brawl in the movie, which was produced by former AWA owner Verne Gagne.

Hey, if it worked in 1974, why not in 2016? Reboots are cool aren't they?

In The Wrestler, Murdoch and Rhodes are keeping to themselves, enjoying beers at a bar, when some drunk thug comes over and calls Murdoch "a big phony." He then dumps Murdoch and Rhodes' beers on the table. Rhodes and Murdoch are relunctant to start a fight and get into trouble because they are worried that their promoter would fire them.

It's great to see Rhodes and Murdoch during their primes in this scene:

On Monday Night Raw, Cesaro and Sheamus are drowning their sorrows at the bar because they know they make a good tag team, but they hate each other. They seemed resigned to giving up on their tag team championship dreams, but then a comedic, drunk idiot pops into the picture and says he saw Sheamus on TV getting "his arse kicked" last week. Another guy burps in Cesaro's face and says he belongs in "The Village People."

Sheamus and Cesaro, like Murdoch and Rhodes, contemplate walking away, but eventually give in to their primal instincts and just fight. A good scene and a subtle nod to two former greats.


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